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Relevant Backlinks to the Content of Your Site

We build relevant links to your website. This enhances the links we create so you gain a greater return on the link juice coming back to your site. For instance if your site is all about Cats we aren’t going to place a link on a website about home appliances, these two have nothing in common and wouldn’t be of any help to you.

Diverse Backlink Portfolio

No longer can you get away with backlinks all coming from one category of link sources. Only commenting on blogs won’t get you ahead of your competitors. LinkFool gives you backlinks from all different types of sources and each month of backlinks are all from different Root Domains. This time tested process gets you you an amazingly diverse portfolio that your competitors will be drooling over.

Google Proof Backlinks

Our backlinks are hand made! That means we search for your links by hand, we place your links by hand and we write all content by hand. No Animals Software was harmed in the making of your backlinks. The benefit of doing everything by hand is that when future updates come out for the Search Engines is that you won’t be penalized for the links we have built for you.

Free Rank Tracking Tool

When you sign up for LinkFool services you will receive free access to our Rank Tracking Tool. This is a free tool that keeps track of the keywords you have selected us to work on for you. This is a completely unbiased tool that we have the same access to so that the results cannot be altered. This is also a good way to keep track of your rankings if you have trouble getting accurate readings within Google due to your browsing history or location specific results popping up.

OnSite Optimization Reports

Wondering if your Onsite SEO is getting noticed or is optimized to be crawled by search engines? Have us pull a quick free report.

Keyword Assistance

Not sure if the keywords you’ve selected are getting enough traffic? We provide free keyword assistance and guidance even before you pay. We use Google’s Keyword Tool to help make accurate suggestions and give guidance on what phrases would be your best keywords for highest traffic and best conversions.

A Fresh Approach to SEO Link Building

LinkFool's Link Building Service Delivers Huge Traffic Increases Through Referrals and Rankings

  • Targeted Referral Traffic

    Targeted Referral Traffic

    Introduce potential customers to your brand through engaging links

  • Search Rankings Dashboard

    Search Rankings Dashboard

    Log In and Monitor your daily updated keywords ranking (SERP)

  • Dedicated SEO Specialist

    Dedicated SEO Specialist

    Request optimization suggestions, keyword research, and more...

  • Intelligent Backlinks

    Intelligent Backlinks

    All links are hand researched and prospected for maximum effect

  • Regular Link Reports

    Regular Link Reports

    Receive a monthly report detailing your latest backlinks

  • Citations for Local Rankings

    Citations for Local Rankings

    Build business citations to climb local and map search results