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Understanding Google’s Disavow Tool

When Google announced its Disavow tool in October 2012, it received a multitude of reactions from the World Wide Web; majority of these reactions came from website owners, SEOs and webmasters. Some felt relief, but many were disappointed. Since Google rolled out Panda and Penguin, we all knew that big G is gearing towards a […]


How Google’s Latest Algorithm Updates (Penguin) Can Seriously Benefit You

Now, enter 2011: Panda updates -> Google found crappy content sites and just blasted them out of the search results. Instead of improving their search engines they began directly combatting bad SEO practices. Then in Spring 2012 in an unprecedented move Google began targeting sites with crappy links.


1 High Quality Backlink >10,000 Low Quality Backlinks

Spam link services are all the rage right now, these companies are coming together and using tools like XRummer, SENuke X, ScrapeBox, and others. While these tools are not necessarily new, they are now being packaged as a service for the website owners with little knowledge of proper inbound link building strategies. Unfortunately, if not used properly this is a very dangerous game to play. Sure you can send 10,000 backlinks to your site a day, sure you might see an immediate lift in your rankings, but the consequences are increasingly dire.


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