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Rank Tracking Tool

SEO Management has never been easier. The Rank Tracking Tool we offer, gives you the ability to stay organized with a few clicks of your mouse. This tool has been developed to give you the ability to manage your websites metrics in one place. Track ranking movements for your target keywords in different search engines. Manage all your campaigns in one location – whether SEO, SMM and PPC. The best part? The Rankings Management Tool is included with all our plans!


Rank Tracking

If you manage multiple websites, it can be a difficult task to check on how your websites are doing for your targeted keywords. With this free tool we offer, you are guaranteed to be updated on what’s really important  – your websites rankings.


daily updates

Updated Daily

SERPs are updated daily. This free tool gives you the convenience of having access to updated daily ranking reports in one location.



Localized RankingsLocal

Have the ability to choose which ranking reports to generate. Since major search engines like Google and Bing display different search results based on where the search was made, this tool will provide you with collated data on how your keywords are doing in your target localities.




IntelligenceKeyword Research

Do your keyword research in a simple, easy to understand and navigate interface. The keyword statistics are drawn by this tool from highly trusted sources like Google Analytics, Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner.




ProvenSERP Screenshots

This feature will provide you with screenshots of major search engine results for your keywords. This gives you the ability to have hard-proof which you can show your clients at any time.




Google Analytics


Easy IntegrationEasy Integration

Easily access your Analytics data in one location for multiple websites. Just enter your Google Analytics tracking code and the tool will track all the data you need from your Analytics account. No more need to waste time logging in and out of different Google accounts.




Simple Data InterpretationSimple Data Interpretation

Most small business owners and SEO clients have a hard time interpreting the data from Google Analytics. This was well noted by our development team. This tool will provide you with easy to navigate, user friendly interface for a more simplistic approach with Analytics data.



PDF ReportspdfAutomate

Automate everything and and schedule when you want your websites analytics data sent to your inbox in PDF format. No need to login to multiple accounts. It can never get easier than this!


Social Media


InteractMajor Social Networks

Update all your social media accounts with tweets, posts and follow back in one location. This tool will make it easier for you to interact with your fans and followers.



Advanced Insights Easy Integration

Connect your social media accounts API keys and track your SMM performance easily. Do it all in one location. No need to login to multiple social media accounts and waste time loading the information one at a time.



AutomatePDF Reports

Schedule when you want to receive your SMM reports in your inbox! This tool gives you the ability to send automated SMM reports in an easy to interpret PDF format.




Google Adwords Easy Integration

By integrating your Google Adwords API with our software, you can have the ability to view your websites rankings, adwords statistics and web stats in one location.



AutomatePDF Reports

Automate and schedule when you want the software to send you daily, weekly or monthly reports. One time set up. Less hassle.



performanceSimple Data Interpretation

With our software’s very simple approach in displaying your PPC campaigns metrics, you can share your data with your clients and your team without confusing them.






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