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Our number one goal is to impress our customers and deliver a service that goes above & beyond their expectations. Here are a few things our customers have been saying about us. Contact us to get your testimonial listed here!

LinkFool has tremendously helped my business. I own a small online consulting firm and one of the services I offer is SEO. After many algorithm changes from Google, the rankings of the websites I manage have plummeted. Sadly, I lost some clients who had been with me for years! I thought, that it was the end for my business, until I read about LinkFool in one of the SEO forums I frequent. Since I had a few clients to save, I gave it a shot and I am very glad I did. Today, I have 30 clients and I only use LinkFool’s Premium plan on their websites.
It's a brilliant product.

Tremendously helped my business

For the past 8 years of doing online marketing for my small business, never had I encountered any link building service comparable or even close to what LinkFool offers. They have continuously supplied my websites with HIGH QUALITY backlinks and the people behind LinkFool look after my websites as if it were their own. Great customer service, HIGH QUALITY work and most importantly, affordable, I can’t ask for anything more. I highly recommend LinkFool’s link building service.

Great Customer Service

I own a seat cover customization business, but because of competition, I was forced to create my own website. My aim was to have people find my services and products online. I am not technically inclined, so I hired some guys to build my website and advertise it in different avenues. That was the biggest mistake I made. For 6 months, I made zero sales and was paying $700 monthly for SEO. When my contract was up, I didn’t renew the SEO services, it was expensive and I was not getting anything in return. The SEO Company didn’t provide me access to my website and my website was removed from the web (totally!) Imagine my disappointment at that point.

Increase in traffic!
– Joseph K.

For the past 7 years I do all the marketing stuff for my online company, and it was taking a toll on me and I was hardly getting any results. I started using LinkFool’s link building services 3 months ago and I regret nothing. My website ranks for all my main keywords (even after Panda and Penguin). If I can compare LinkFool’s services to clothing, it is made to “custom fit” my website and I am very happy about it. Now, I can focus on the things I love doing and still get better results compared to when I was the one handling my website’s online marketing and SEO.

Custom fit
– Jeremy Winter

I rarely give testimonials like this, but this is the only way I can think of to “repay” LinkFool’s team for what they have done for my business. I was short on money for advertising so I started doing online marketing. You guys are the best there is and I will definitely recommend you to everyone (except to the competition 🙂

You guys are the best
– Anonymous

I consider LinkFool’s backlinking service as my secret weapon against competitions. For the past 2 years that I have been using their services, my websites are always in the first page of the search engines for my keywords. Some of the people who live in my locality even consider me a star for being everywhere on the search engines.

My secret weapon
– Anonymous

From a small business owner’s point of view, LinkFool is a company worth using. Their link building service is of the highest quality, customized and affordable. When I chatted with them, I was surprised because they recommended their basic package for starting on and was even given some tips on what to change or add on my website to rank better. Unlike other companies out there, I can confidently say that LinkFool is not all about the money. They look after you and your success. In my humble opinion, we need more local companies like this.

Service is of the highest quality
– Anonymous

I want to give a pat (or 2) on the back to the people behind this magnificent online service. I am deeply impressed with your service and I will definitely recommend your link building service. You have definitely helped in saving my company from bankruptcy. Since I started your service, the people visiting my website have quadrupled and the orders I get online have doubled. All of this in just six months. Thank you again!

Magnificent online service
– Anonymous

LinkFool is my lucky charm. They have helped in ranking my website and have helped me to effectively advertise my book online. The great thing about their team is their genuineness in finding the core of your needs. My knowledge about online marketing when I started with this whole shebang was close to zero, but the people working at LinkFool are all patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Now, I understand the purpose of their services and why I should keep using it.

Patient, knowledgeable and extremely helpful
– Anonymous

Unlike five years ago, local competition for the type of service I offer has become cutthroat. I just woke up one day to find that my business no longer appears on search results in Google. It hit my business fast and hard, I felt helpless. I started using LinkFool’s link building services after I’ve removed all the spam links pointing to my site. From then on, I vowed that I will only build high quality links. I didn’t know where to start, luckily a close friend recommended LinkFool. I tried their Power package for 3 months, and the results are undeniably positive. Today, I have upgraded my account to the Premium package and I cannot be any happier.

Results are undeniably positive
– SM Business Owner

hank you very much for the nice work you’ve done on my website. You have helped me a lot and I will continue using your services. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the help you have extended me to understand what “backlinks”, “SEO” and “online marketing” are all about. I realized that I have so many things to improve on my website. Thanks for guiding me and I wish you all the best.

Thanks for guiding me
– Happy

For the first 9 months that my website was up and running, I was struggling with traffic generation. My photography website was built to sell my services online, however it was not happening as expected. I started using LinkFool’s backlink service 3 months ago and I have seen my site’s traffic increase steadily. My income coming from online bookings have also increased. I am planning on using this linking service continuously.

I have seen my site’s traffic increase steadily
– Anonymous

In my personal opinion, LinkFool is the only backlinking company worth using. I have tried at least 3 of the same companies in the past, but none is comparable to LinkFool services. I recommend them.

Only backlinking company worth using
– Anonymous

Personalized. Affordable. Quality Service. These are just a few words to describe what I have experienced with LinkFool. If you are not yet using their service, you are definitely missing out. Hire them now. Trust me, you will not regret it!

Personalized. Affordable. Quality Service
– Anonymous

I run multiple affiliate programs and was having problems generating traffic after Panda and Penguin. The thing is, I thought backlink building was already a thing of the past. I proved myself wrong. Links are still King, you just have to know which types of links to build and that is where Linkfool comes in. Hire them and never worry about your keyword ranking and traffic generation again.

Links are still King
– Affiliate Manager

I work from home and have been recommending LinkFool to all my clients who wish to rank in search engines. I recommend them because they never fail to satisfy their clients. I will never hesitate to recommend such high quality service.

Recommending LinkFool to all my clients
– Anonymous

On the internet, you only encounter a handful companies who do what they promise. LinkFool is one of those companies. You have tremendously helped ranking our keywords and have also provided us with valuable insights on what to improve. Thank you very much for all the help you have extended to us.

Tremendously helped ranking our keywords
– Jason B

If you are looking to have your website rank better on search engines especially Google, LinkFool is the company to go to. Although, tracking your ranking wouldn’t hurt once you use their services. By doing so, you can track the major changes in your ranking and traffic.

LinkFool is the company to go to
– Kathrine

Who wouldn’t want a better ranking website? Well, at first it was all a dream, but LinkFool helped us achieve this dream and many more. They have helped us improve our SEO and link building strategies. You should hire them, or else your competition would!

Who wouldn’t want a better ranking website?
– Alejandro R

What I like about your services is the fact that the people I deal with are real people and not software. They know what they are doing and are willing to go the extra mile. You should keep it up and more business will definitely come to you! Thanks for ranking us in our very competitive keywords.

Willing to go the extra mile
– Anonymous

In marketing there is always a room for improvement. How many of us have tried to crack Search engines? The truth is, it still boils down to one truth: Links still work and building quality links is not so difficult if you use the right company. I have learned from my mistake by hiring an SEO company offshore and I have paid the price. Heed this advice, and hire these guys!

Hire these guys
– William S.

Whoever is behind LinkFool is a genius. I love the fact that they have thought of this and no one else did! I will never use any other linkbuilding companies except you. Thanks and I hope you help more small businesses like mine further. I will highly recommend you.

I will highly recommend you
– Anonymous

Google is a difficult puzzle to solve. I have tried many things and have also hired multiple SEO “Gurus”, but none of them have actually helped with our rankings, but lo and behold! In just three months, our website have jumped from page 47 to page 3! Amazing! I will definitely continue using your services!

Jumped from page 47 to page 3
– Lucía

If you have a new website and no SEO work has been done yet, sign up for LinkFool’s premium services. Not only it will bring in bigger traffic, it will also pave your way in establishing a website that ranks well. Talk to the people at LinkFool, their insights never miss!

Their insights never miss
– Anonymous

Who would have thought that I will be using a link building service? I consider myself an SEO expert and have been in the business for some years now, but no one can compete with the quality of links LinkFool generate. I’ve been in this business for so long and trust me, I know when it works and I know when it doesn’t. Hire LinkFool. NOW.

No one can compete with the quality of links LinkFool generate
– Anonymous

Who would have thought that I will be using a link building service? I consider myself an SEO expert and have been in the business for some years now, but no one can compete with the quality of links LinkFool generate. I’ve been in this business for so long and trust me, I know when it works and I know when it doesn’t. Hire LinkFool. NOW.

No one can compete with the quality of links LinkFool generate
– Anonymous