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How Google’s Latest Algorithm Updates (Penguin) Can Seriously Benefit You

Let me start by stating some obvious facts:

  1. Search Engine Optimization is much more complex than it was 10 years ago
  2. The Penalties for bad SEO are much more severe today than they have ever been
  3. Offsite SEO still must exist for accurate organization of rankings.

What happened over the last decade is that a new billion dollar industry arose, online marketing, and out of that industry came SEO. The ability to move a site from invisible to visible without purchasing actual traffic. For a marketer, it’s the most ideal situation in the world. You rank high in the organic search rankings and without paying for a click you get free relevant visits to your website.

With SEO came skilled tacticians, they gamed the search engines, suddenly SEO wasn’t so pretty anymore and neither were the SERPs. Search rankings contained junk, sites that offered little or no value to the searchers. So Google began pushing updates to make the results more accurate and it became a tug of war. Many of these junk sites, whose motivations were usually based on the draw of easy money, improved their tactics and they would continually beat Google.

This last move, targeting websites with bad links has suddenly opened up the playing field. Opportunity for SEO has never been greater!

  1. The learning curve for new SEOs is too high
  2. The majority of bad SEOs that were gaming the system are leaving the game altogether
  3. Professional SEOs, the ones that are providing actual value are getting the best results ever

These bad SEOs would do things like build links to sites where over 50% of the links had the same anchor text, they would build not thousands of links but hundreds of thousands of links, these links would come from crappy sites with little/no diversity.

So today, not only is there more SEO opportunity than ever, but you’ve got the best solution right in front of you. LinkFool builds actual high quality, diverse links that any site owner would be proud of. Our goal is to build the most natural links possible. We represent your brand online and build the same type of links you would if you had the time to spare.

Here’s a video that was posted earlier this year talking about some of the latest strategies in SEO and why content and natural SEO is more important than ever.