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Penguin 2.0

Penguin 2.0

Let’s address the elephant in the room, or should I say, The Penguin. Google’s latest algorithm update (launched 2 weeks ago) again targeted spam link building. They are looking for unnatural link tactics used in massive ranking manipulation schemes. This is not what we’re doing at LinkFool – we never have and we never will, your site is not in danger as we only promote natural, organic link building to increase the rankings and referral traffic to your website.

If you’ve built the spammy types of links before to your website, you might be in danger of losing ranking and should you have seen a drop in rankings since last week. Feel free to reach out to us and have us take a look at your link profile if that’s the case. There are a number of excellent tools that that can be used to find, detect, and clean dangerous links.

So what can you do to better insulate yourself from the ongoing algorithm changes?

1.)  Use Google Webmaster Tools! This tool is ever improving and will even inform you if they suspect your website is in danger.

2.)  Use Rich Snippets on your site

3.)  Add a Google+ account and link it to your website

4.)  Don’t over optimize! Too many backlinks with the same anchor text, too many repetitions of a word or phrase on your site, etc… can be much more dangerous than helpful.

5.)  Keep building natural links with LinkFool and prove to the search engines that you’re simply making organic efforts to grow your website’s visibility