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1 High Quality Backlink >10,000 Low Quality Backlinks

Spam link services are all the rage right now, these companies are coming together and using tools like XRummer, SENuke X, ScrapeBox, and others. While these tools are not necessarily new, they are now being packaged as a service for the website owners with little knowledge of proper inbound link building strategies. Unfortunately, if not used properly this is a very dangerous game to play. Sure you can send 10,000 backlinks to your site a day, sure you might see an immediate lift in your rankings, but the consequences are increasingly dire.

These services and tools do serve a purpose in certain link building strategies; however, when not used properly they will only cause a temporary lift in your website’s rankings. The long term outcome can be your website disappearing from the search engines, Google sandboxed, buried, banned… you name it, this is a dangerous line to walk and should only be done by professionals. Not to mention the ethical repercussions of spamming and building useless information around the web.

I would wage that 1 high quality contextual backlink from a site of influence is significantly more effective in building your website’s rankings (SERPs) than 10,000 low quality backlinks. The effective backlink strategies that employ the 10,000 backlinks, never link directly to your site. They are used to support the direct backlinks by increasing their value, but even then should not be done in mass quantities. If a website whos homepage has a PR of 7 and your backlink obtained from that site is on a page with a Page Rank of 2, it’s very easy to lift that PR, thus increasing the value of your backlink. employs only high quality link building strategies that have long term positive effects for your website’s ranking and value.